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5 Things You May Not Know About QuickBooks

5 Things You May Not Know About QuickBooks

Most people are pretty familiar with QuickBooks. It’s one of the most popular software programs available to businesses today, allowing them easy accounting information. It works easily and quickly, which is the reason it’s earned its way to the top of the list of favorites. But, there may be some information about QuickBooks that you don’t know, such as the five facts below.

Fact 1: Desktop & Cloud Versions Available

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Did you know QuickBooks offers both a desktop and a cloud version? With both options available, every business owner can pick and choose the option that works best for their needs.

Fact 2: Small Business Wonder

Around 90% of all businesses use QuickBooks! That is an astounding number of users and a number that proves you can trust the brand and product to deliver the results that you want. Get with the program if you aren’t already!

Fact 3: Consulting Services Available?

QuickBooks is fairly simple to use once you get the hang of things. Until then, it can be a real nightmare, especially if you are in a crunch. Luckily, independent quickbooks consulting services help make this a no-brainer so anyone can easily delve right into things and begin using QuickBooks.

Fact 4: ProAdvisor Program

QuickBooks offers the ProAdvisor Program, were over 50,000 people participate. This program helps businesses achieve more than the traditional program and works best for larger businesses.

Fact 5:  Free Versions Available

QuickBooks, like many other software programs, lets users try it before they buy it. If you want to get a feel for the program or decide if it’s right for your business, try the free trial option.

Do you feel more QuickBooks knowledgeable? Now that handling accounting is so simple, you should feel confident with this information in tow.