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Tips To Look At When You Have Electrical Issues

Tips To Look At When You Have Electrical Issues

There is nothing more dangerous than having electrical issues in your home or business.  If you play with electricity you can easily become harmed or even killed.  If you find yourself in one of these situations, step away from any electrical devices, wires or other items that could transmit electrical currents and call on professional electrician services centennial.

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Find the main breaker

For each building that has electricity you are given a circuit breaker box.  This box has breakers that monitor the flow of electrical current.  When current exceeds the recommended flow it will trip itself preventing a power surge.  If you have an issue with your electricity, you want to know where your breaker box is and if needed, pull the main breaker.  This will shut off all current killing any flow.

Don’t overload your lines

With more and more devise in our lives requiring electricity it can be an easy thing to start overloading our circuits.  What we will typically do is purchase a power strip or a surge protector that has multiple outlets on it.  From there we will start plugging in more and more items into the outlets.  Over time this can cause damage to our outlets, wiring and devices.

Watch for frayed wires

There are devices that will have wires on them.  Over time these wires can become stretched, frayed or otherwise damaged.  If this occurs than you will want to look into getting the cords repaired or replacing the items all together.

Stay away from water

Water and electricity don’t mix.  If you are in the middle of a storm or if you have standing water in your home, make sure that all power to your home is cut off.  If not, make sure to hit the breaker.  If you have electricity flowing through water it is a conductor and can cause harm or even death.